Helping to make 
sense of a legal
A different way.

This is me

I’m a Kiwi lawyer turned US attorney, licensed to practice in both countries.

I’ve got 35 years post-admission experience in the law with 24 years as a partner in New Zealand and 5 years sole practice in California.  

Business Strategy  Mediation 
Civil Litigation 

 Dispute Resolution   Immigration

Employment    Contracts 

Corporate Law

I advise companies
on diverse strategies
and outcomes

I’m an experienced attorney in the area of employment law, commercial litigation, business strategy, immigration, contract enforcement and dispute resolution including working as a professional mediator and arbitrator. 


I believe that diversity makes for a better solution.


Around the world the same problems arise for every business - but each location has its own, often unique, way of dealing with them. I bring an important international context and perspective to every issue.

Recent Projects

Worked on a $1.5 billion class action lawsuit involving a San Francisco-based oil company and a potential class comprising over 12,000 foreign claimants.


Successfully restrained a Chief Operating Officer from competing against his former employer in a breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit.

Obtained a Court Order requiring a US Pension Fund to release payment of a significant benefit entitlement to a Kiwi spouse in challenging circumstances.


Assisted a major Kiwi food and beverage company in establishing and re-documenting compliance-proof employment agreements, offer letters and employee handbook for its existing and future US-based staff.

Helped a New Zealand meat company implement a major organizational restructure designed to increase turnover and brand exposure in California.

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