Cases &


Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Worked on a $1.5 billion class action lawsuit involving a San Francisco-based oil company and a potential class comprising over 12,000 foreign claimants.

Obtained a Court Order requiring a US Pension Fund to release payment of a significant benefit entitlement to a Kiwi spouse in challenging circumstances.

Engaged by a major California grower/processor to undertake extensive law and motion practice, argument and general litigation projects.

Appointed as a New Zealand contract law expert in a California Superior Court intellectual property suit. 

Provided advice, drafting and litigation services to enforce producer liens on behalf of grape, raisin, corn, pea, stock feed, olive and other growers.

Introduced a Kiwi entrepreneur in the fortified beverage space to a US-based Kiwi attorney specializing in startups, capital raise projects, mergers and acquisitions.


Successfully restrained a Chief Operating Officer from competing against his former employer in a breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit.


Represented, as lead counsel, one of four parties in a New Zealand Supreme Court appeal involving Maori trust lands worth $7 million and successfully retained and protected the land interests for the major beneficiaries.


Defended injunction proceedings brought against a regional council over a pest destruction regime which created an important precedent for pest control.


Been professionally involved in over 350 mediations and arbitrations on behalf of clients  involved in a variety of business pursuits across multiple industries to include: hospitality, food service, aviation, entertainment, health, primary production, retail and engineering. 

Obtained a re-sealing of Probate in New Zealand for two US-based brothers to enable them to take title to a New Zealand waterfront property.

Business Advice & Asset Management

Successfully pursued an L-1A Visa application for a Kiwi GM transferring to the US in an executive role.


Advised the Anglican Diocese concerning the investment profile of an asset portfolio worth $75 million.


Advised a regional council on leasehold land portfolio involving 3500 residential and commercial leases by facilitating renewals and rent revisions; maintaining and growing net worth of the $80 million portfolio.

Implemented a corporate re-organization for a Kiwi-owned California-based processing facility to achieve better production efficiencies.


Facilitated transfer of port company shares to a regional council worth $90 million.

Undertook a gifting of shares and corporate restructure for closely-held Los Angeles-based family company.


Assisted the Anglican Diocese on the return of 50 land parcels of unique historic and cultural significance to indigenous owners.


Advised a private investment company on all legal aspects related to maintenance and retention of a commercial lease portfolio worth $50 million.

Introduced a Kiwi entrepreneur in the fortified beverage space to a US-based Kiwi attorney specializing in startups, capital raise projects, mergers and acquisitions.

Employment Law 

Assisted a major Kiwi food and beverage company in establishing and re-documenting compliance-proof employment agreements, offer letters and employee handbook for its existing and future US-based staff.


Helped a New Zealand meat company implement a major organizational restructure designed to increase turnover and brand exposure in California.


Successfully appealed an Employment Relations Authority decision against an education provider involving tripartite access rights to a correctional institution and created an important national precedent for the higher education sector. 


Mitigated fines and penalties, with a maximum exposure of $500,000, for an engineering company involved in a fatal workplace accident.


Saved a district health board in excess of $500,000 in overpayments by defending a class action by nurses over shiftwork pay.


Brought a damages action for wrongful dismissal by a court reporter against the courts department resulting in a significant financial payout for the employee.


Assisted teachers and psychiatric specialists facing professional disciplinary proceedings and successfully resisted formal sanctions and termination.


Provided detailed advice on infrastructure contracts and water user agreements to a regional council and investment company that were key components of establishing the financial and strategic viability for a $275 million dam project.


As a closely involved Board Member in charge of the tender process and funding, facilitated over $20 million worth of infrastructure projects for an airport company including runway extension, runway resurfacing, business park and terminal redevelopment initiatives.


As a key member of the Building Committee involved in all facets of construction and funding concerning infrastructure projects comprising an Information Resource Center and Performing Arts Center for a private girls school worth $12 million.​

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